We Are Farrell's Custom Woodwork.

The contemporary, minimalist pieces of Farrell’s Custom Woodwork embody the unique biography of their designer, Robert Farrell. Born and raised in Ireland, Robert identified his passion for woodwork at a young age. Encourage by his high school shop teacher, Robert left school early to pursue a Carpentry/Joinery certification from Dundalk Institute of Technology in Co. Louth. Robert completed his apprenticeship with Gerard Lynch Joinery in 2010, and has pursued joinery with resolute passion ever since.

In 2013 Robert brought that passion to Vancouver, Canada, where he sought to combine modern European design with locally-sourced Canadian wood. Drawing on his own Irish cultural history and ancient elements of his childhood landscape. Robert spent years experimenting with minimalist aesthetics, applying an artist’s eye to beautiful pieces of beech, ash, and white oak. by bringing his European roots to the raw materials of his new Canadian home, Robert creates signature pieces frequently incorporating metal, leather, and unexpected geometric details to strengthen the union between his aesthetic influences.

Robert works from his studio in 1000 Parker Studio, where he continues to evolve his minimalist style while also working with his clients and their visions to create unique customised pieces.